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Patient Testimonials

Joseph Bujold
"I've been physically active my entire life, but in the fall of 2011, my health was jeopardizing my everyday on-the-move lifestyle. The thought of not being able to do the activities that I have always enjoyed, ski racing among them, was frightening."
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Bob Neal
"It was our first two-week vacation together since 1983 and it was a disaster. It was cold in Florida and even more frigid in Nashville. The very first day I came down with a cold, which I almost never get and I just couldn't shake it."
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John Wakefield
"What really impressed me was when I went back for my second visit. Dr. Sparling told me that he had spent more than three hours researching the drug Soriatane because of his concerns about the long-term adverse effects it might have on my health due to the fact that I have just one functioning kidney. That impressed me big time."
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