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Electronic Health Records

Franklin Memorial Hospital is enthusiastically embracing the benefits of electronic health records (EHRs) and other forms of health information technology (IT).

EHRs improve patient safety and care by preventing the ordering of unnecessary tests and imaging procedures, and reducing medication errors. Electronic reminders and prompts also alert health care providers to preventive care, such as when a patient should have a colonoscopy, get a flu shot, or get certain lab tests.

Franklin Memorial Hospital has made IT in patient care a priority in recent years, implementing: HealthInfoNet, a statewide system for doctors and other health care providers to share information and improve health care; bedside medication verification; Franklin e-ICU; PACS, which is a system for storing and sharing digital medical images through computer workstations; and regional e-prescribing, which improves access to medications, increases patient safety, decreases medication errors, and increases the number of patients who fill their prescriptions and take their medications according to their doctor’s instructions.

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