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Contact NorthStar

Mike Senecal

111 Franklin Health Commons
Farmington, Maine 04938

Phone: (207) 779-2400
Fax: (207) 779-2477
Email: msenecal@fchn.org

Felicia Harris

111 Franklin Health Commons
Farmington, Maine 04938

Phone: (207) 897-3611
Email: fharris@fchn.org


Livermore on Route 4
119 Federal Rd., Livermore, ME 04253
(207) 897-3611

Farmington on the FMH Campus
Stanley Building, 111 Franklin Health Commons, Farmington, ME 04938
(207) 779-2402

Phillips on Park Street
138C Park St. Phillips, ME 04966
(207) 639-3830

Rangeley in the Doak Public Safety Building
15 School St., Rangeley, ME 04970
(207) 864-0938

Sugarloaf in Carrabassett Valley
1001 Carriage Rd., Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947
(207) 235-2228

Qualified Training Instructors @ NorthStar:

Licensed Instructor/Coordinators (I/C):
Randy Gordon
Dennis Kerrigan
Carol Pillsbury
Beth Scott
Mike Senecal
Felicia Harris
Steve Smith

Certified CPR (Healthcare BLS) Instructors:
Peggy Betts
Nate Delavan
Felicia Harris
Cory Morse
Carol Pillsbury
Mark Rousseau
Beth Scott
Mike Senecal
Jane Thorndike
Chuck Twitchell
Judy WIlls

Car Seat Instructions/Installation:
Peter Wade
Peggy Betts

Wilderness EMT Instructors (WMA):
Dennis Kerrigan (Full)
Gabe Gunning (Full)
Cory Morse (Assistant)
Al Sleight (Assistant)
Mike Senecal (Assistant)

Some of the People Behind the Service...

Mike Senecal, WEMT-P, Co-Director, (207) 779-2400, msenecal@fchn.org
Felicia Harris, EMT-I, Co-Director, (207) 897-3611, f.harris@roadrunner.com
Carol Pillsbury, WEMT-P, Training Coordinator, (207) 779-2402, p07765@gmail.com
Wade Browne, WEMT-B, Billing Coordinator, Sugarloaf Base Supervisor (207) 235-2228, wbrowne@fchn.org
Steve Smith, EMT-P, Field Training Coordinator, (207) 779-2402, ssmith@fchn.org
Stan Wilcox, EMT-P, Maintenance Coordinator, (207) 779-2402, swilcox@fchn.org
Jane Thorndike, WEMT-I, Phillips Base Supervisor (207) 639-3830, meditation_4@yahoo.com
Harold Schaetzle III, WEMT-B, Rangeley Base Supervisor (207) 864-0938, hschaetzle@fchn.org
Gabe Gunning, WEMT-B, Central Line Newsletter Editor, (207) 318-5712, ggunning@fchn.org
Chuck Twitchell, WEMT-P, Equipment Committee Chair, (207) 235-2228, cgtwitchell@yahoo.com
Sherry Given, EMT-I, NorthStar Lifeline Coordinator, (207) 491-5444, chalopa2003@yahoo.com
John Bogar, NorthStar Advisory Board Chair, (207) 779-9862, bogar@kyesinsurance.com
Rebecca Arsenault, President & CEO, Franklin Memorial Hospital


111 Franklin Health Commons, Farmington, ME 04938 - (207)-778-6031