NorthStar is a Proud Site Sponsor of the AmeriCorps Program

What is AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps is a part of the Emergency Medical Corps (EMC).  This federal grant program provides for emergency related support in towns across America.  AmeriCorps volunteers serve with EMS services, fire services, and hundreds of other community based organizations.  More information can be found at

Volunteers agree to serve for one year (generally from October to October but it can vary) at an AmeriCorps site. They contractually commit to 1,700 hours of service (including 300 hours of training - training can be local training or any other training related to emergency services, some AmeriCorps training is mandatory).  During that period, they serve the host organization and the local community. Details can be found below.

Benefits of the AmeriCorps Program at NorthStar (2011-2012 program)

  1. A way to better your community!
  2. $5,500 in educational vouchers at the end of the contract year.
  3. $12,100 in a living allowance, paid bi-weekly.
  4. Full medical benefits.
  5. An excellent way to start or expand on your EMS career.
  6. An outstanding way to become involved in a local community.

AmeriCorps at NorthStar’s Farmington Headquarters (for program beginning Oct 2010):

Headquartered in Farmington, the AmeriCorps member will play a key role in connecting NorthStar to the entire service area through efforts with local organizations, United Way, festival and parade committees, Chambers, schools and town officials. They will be involved in many of NorthStar's outreach programs such as House Calls, Med Returns, AED coordination, Mock OUI demonstrations, Bike Team events, Back Country Team, Lifeline, CPR instruction/coordination and Car Seat Program, to name a few. Bring us a project that YOU want to do! Hours can be very flexible.  Depending on the member, you may also be involved in many of NorthStar internal operations, such as helping with the Company Store, licensure issues, one or more of the NorthStar committees and training.

The member will also have many opportunities to be an active EMT. Assisting in interfacility transfers, staffing a "3rd" ambulance in Farmington, filling in for short-term vacancies are all ways that assist NorthStar in its key mission. You will provide direct patient care, ambulance driving, and first responding in the area. The member will also help to assure that the bases and ambulances are well maintained and ready for immediate response. An EMT license (at any level) is required.

NorthStar also formally hires the volunteer as a NorthStar employee so the individual can serve as a PRN/per diem paid employee for the NorthStar system outside of their volunteer role.

NorthStar covers the entire rural Franklin County along with parts of Oxford, Androscoggin, Somerset and Kennebec Counties.

What are some of the Community Projects done by NorthStar's AmeriCorps volunteers?

  • Blood pressure clinics, often for senior citizen groups or local businesses
  • Presentations to senior groups in NorthStar towns for stroke signs, heart attack signs, falls and how to prevent them in your home and when to call 911
  • Presentations to local high school faculty (around a 100 people) on awareness of Epi-pens, Seizures and CPR
  • Assist in the planning for and operation of the Western Mountain EMS Conference (at Sugarloaf)
  • Keep ME Warm program.   Helping to insulate and educate on ways to save energy.
  • First aid awareness to Cub Scout groups
  • Winter safety to local preschool groups
  • Tutoring grade school and HS students
  • Instruction certification and helped set up a program for ATV/Snowmobile safety through the Inland Fishery & Wildlife (IF&W) and SAD 58
  • Assisted in the local ATV club with trail cleanup, bridge repair and standby's for fundraisers for the ATV club.
  • Assisted the ATV club in delivering turkeys and Christmas gifts to local residents.
  • Local town park care and cleanup
  • Car seat check stations
  • Work with local fire department to increase knowledge and equipment use on the ambulance
  • Assisted IF&W with starting the archery testing for state of Maine
  • Help put up Christmas decorations in the town
  • Promoted "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) in area 

What are the requirements to be a NorthStar AmeriCorps Volunteer?

  1. At least 18 years of age.
  2. High School graduate or GED.
  3. EMS license (will consider those enrolled to get an EMS license).
  4. Strong work ethic, self starter, willingness to occasionally work odd hours.
  5. Valid current drivers license.
  6. No criminal history.
  7. Strong desire to assist the community.
  8. Desire to learn.
  9. Good communicator, self assured.

How do I join?

If you want to serve the Greater Franklin County community as a NorthStar AmeriCorps Volunteer EMT, call NorthStar Headquarters at (207) 779-2770 or email NorthStar's Director at

A little about a career at NorthStar and an application can be found at


111 Franklin Health Commons, Farmington, ME 04938 - (207)-778-6031