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NorthStar Advisory Board
(Updates and information about and from the NorthStar Advisory Board)

  John Bogar, Chair,.....778-9862.....jbogar@kyesinsurance.com
  Rebecca Arsenault ..... 779-2265 ..... rarsenault@fchn.org
  Terry Bell, Sr. ..... 778-3235 ..... tbell@farmington-maine.org
  Quenten Clark ..... 639-2909 ..... qclark@SAD58.k12.me.us
  Dave Cota ..... 235-2645 ..... towncvtm@adelphia.net
  Richard Davis ..... 778-6538 ..... rdavis@farmington-maine.org
  John Dill ..... 265-4637 ..... kngfield@tdstelme.net
  Fred Hardy ..... 778-4320 .....  fwhardy@hciwireless.net
  Tim Kane ..... 864-2257 ..... townmanager@rangeleyme.org
  Mike Luciano ..... 778-2456 ..... maluciano@myfairpoint.net
  Ruth Cushman ..... 897-6785 ..... jmanager@jay-maine.org
  Stacie Rundlett ..... 628-4441 ..... nwprtlnd@tdstelme.net
  Tom Saviello ..... 897-1422 ..... drtom16@hotmail.com
  Kurt Schaub ..... 897-3207 ..... livermore@adelphia.net
  Leeanna Wilbur ..... 864-3386 ..... l.wilbur@fsbme.com

The Advisory Board shall be organized as a committee of the Franklin Memorial Hospital (FMH) Board of Directors and shall consist of up to 15 members including at least one member of the Board of Directors of FMH and the President of FMH ex officio with vote. The municipalities participating in the Service have the right to nominate candidates for membership to the Advisory Board. The Municipality may submit nominees to the President of FMH for consideration and potential election by the FMH Board of Directors. When selecting from among nominees for election to the Advisory Board, candidates will be elected to represent the geographic area served by the Service who are knowledgeable of the Service and the needs of the municipalities it serves. Except for the President of FMH, employees of FMH shall not be eligible to serve as members of the Advisory Board. Members of the Advisory Board shall serve for terms of three (3) years and may be reelected to subsequent terms of service. When electing individuals to serve on the Advisory Board, the initial terms of office shall be structured so that approximately one-third of the terms of the members of the Advisory Board shall expire annually. The Advisory Board shall monitor the operation of the Service provided by FMH as a whole and it shall make recommendations to the FMH Board of Directors concerning policy decisions effecting operation of the Service upon which the Board of Directors has requested the advice of the Advisory Board.

The FMH Board of Directors will appoint the Advisory Board on or before July 1, 2005. After the Advisory Board is formed, new appointments will generally be made following the annual meeting of the FMH Board of Directors held each September. The FMH Board of Director member of the NorthStar Advisory Board will chair the Advisory Board and act as a liaison with the FMH Board of Directors. The Director of NorthStar will staff the Advisory Board and the Office of the President will be responsible for organizing meetings.

The NorthStar Advisory Board will meet quarterly. A quorum shall consist of ½ of the current members. Voting must be done in person, and not by proxy.

The NorthStar Advisory Board shall review NorthStar’s performance, including monitoring quality of care and service effectiveness from the perspective of patients, the communities served and emergency room providers. The Board shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding long-term strategies and goals, annual operating and capital budgets, and the rationale and formula(s) for dividing public support costs between the municipalities served.

Other committees of the FMH Board of Directors and the FCHN Board of Directors will also participate in the governance of NorthStar, including the FCHN Finance Committee, the FCHN Ethics Committee, the FMH Performance Improvement Committee (quality committee) and the FCHN Long-Range Planning Committee.

The NorthStar Advisory Board will evaluate its structure and process annually.

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