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About NorthStar

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Our Mission

"The professionals of NorthStar will adhere to the highest standards of respectful patient care, engage in positive community activities, and exercise good stewardship of our resources, all in the pursuit of excellence."


Employs 75 - 80 EMTs (including 30+ Paramedics, 25+ Intermediates, 20+ Basics)
Has opportunities for Full Time, Part Time, PRN; 24/16,12/12/12, 24/8/8, 40 hour shifts
Covers 2,763 square miles (1,768,506 acres!) of mostly rural territory (8.3% of Maine)
Operates 11 Type III ambulances and 2 Paramedic Intercept Vehicles ("Fly Cars")
Serves 71 communities in Northwestern Maine
Coverage area includes all of Franklin County and parts of Oxford, Somerset, Androscoggin, and Kennebec counties
Has a Bike Team used prominently at community events
Boasts the highest ratio of Wilderness EMTs (WEMTs) in the state
Has a paramedic on scene on every ALS emergency call
Has a GPS unit in every emergency vehicle
The successor of Community Emergency Services (CES), LifeStar, AMPS, Rangeley Ambulance and Sugarloaf Rescue
Has an Avatar (patient satisfaction) rating of 97 (out of 100)

111 Franklin Health Commons, Farmington, ME 04938 - (207)-778-6031