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Jeffrey Fuson, MD

Jeffrey Fuson, MD Family Medicine
Phone: 778-9531
Fax: 778-6535

Office Information

Dr. Fuson is a Board Certified Family Medicine Practitioner. His office is located across from Franklin Memorial Hospital, off Rt. 2, behind TD Bank.

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Mailing Address:
672 Wilton Road, Farmington, ME 04938

His group practice also includes Dr. Stephen Bien and Noreen Comeau, Family Nurse Practitioner.


Dr. Fuson graduated in 1976 from Yale Medical School in New Haven, CT, and completed his residency at the Family Practice Residency at Maine Medical Center in Portland, ME. He has been an active staff member with Franklin Memorial Hospital since December 8, 1980.

Professional Interest

Dr. Fuson's professional interests include family, Ayurveda, and preventive medicine.

Personal Interest

Dr. Fuson enjoys his family, the Transcendental Meditation program (which his wife also teaches), building, travel, singing, and hiking.

111 Franklin Health Commons, Farmington, ME 04938 - (207)-778-6031