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Substance Abuse Assessment

In the last decade, the Healthy Community Coalition has repeatedly identified substance abuse as a community health priority and made significant strides in addressing tobacco, particularly, as well as the risk factors for substance abuse in youth.  With funding from the Office of Substance Abuse, Healthy Community Coalition has more comprehensively assessed the nature of substance abuse in Greater Franklin County, built community capacity to address the identified issues, and developed a five year strategic plan to reduce and prevent substance abuse.

Integral to the strategic planning process has been the assembly of a robust group of more than 40 community members, professionals and health leaders.  These individuals have worked together in an effort to understand and prioritize the substance abuse issues in Greater Franklin County.  Among the the issues:

  • Marijuana Use
  • High Risk Drinking Among Youth and Adults
  • Underage Drinking
  • Prescription Drug Misuse and Abuse
  • Crystal Methamphatamine Use
  • Cocaine Use.

Through a prioritization process that took into consideration community and organizational resources, available time, nature of the issue, the availability and integrity of the data that supported the issues, and finally, the ability to affect change, the following were put forth as the three major goals:

  • Reduce High Risk and Under Age Drinking
  • Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse and Misuse
  • Prevent Crystal Methamphetamine Use

For more information please contact Nicole Ditata at 779-2932 or nditat@fchn.org. The report, strategic plan, and appendices can also be viewed by clicking  below.

Substance Abuse Prevention 2007 Final Report

Strategic Plan 2007 - 2012

Report Appendices

  1. Organizational Chart
  2. Map of Area
  3. Collaborating Partners
  4. Sample Key Data Sets
  5. Focus Group Questions


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