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What Men Can Do To Help End Violence Against Women And Children

Speak out against violence against women and children. Make rape, battering, sexual abuse and harassment men's issues. Talk to other men. Confront abusive men – friends, relatives, co-workers and others.

Support people who are working to end violence.

Teach your children that sexism is wrong and is not what being a man is about.

Model for children a strong and gentle anti-sexist masculinity. Tell children in your lives that violence against anyone is wrong.

Hold violent, abusive men accountable for their actions. Support, when appropriate, sending them to jail, suspending them from school, and kicking them off teams.

If you are abusive, get help.

Make men's violence against women and children a campaign issue. Ask candidates for political office how they will address rape, battering, and sexual harassment.

Support rape crisis centers and battered women's centers. Contact local shelters and ask how you can help.

Meet with school officials and teachers to encourage school-based programs about violence prevention.

Don't purchase magazines, rent videos, or buy music that portrays women in a sexually degrading or violent manner.

Get involved:

Join a men's group, e.g., Mainely Men Against Violence and Sexism.

Volunteer for the Speaker's Bureau at AWAP or SAVES.

Read and discuss a book that involves domestic violence.

Make your next party be a fundraiser for a shelter.

Educate yourself.

Speak out.

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