How can you help?

Suggestions from Aimee DesRoches, Abused Women's Advocacy Project, delivered at the press conference on October 24, 1997, that inaugurated the Peace in Our Families campaign

....someone in a domestic violence situation?
* Open your home
* Open your heart
* Listen
* Believe
* Support
* Tell them they deserve better
* Tell them it's not their fault
* Educate yourself
* Understand the dynamics of abuse
* Make the community safe for families in their homes
* If you see something, say something
* Tell your friends, coworkers, family to treat their partner better and children better
* Treat your partner and children better
* Ask them what they need
* Tell them you'll be there for them
* Offer to babysit
* Take the kids on an outing
* Tell them about shelter...
...court advocacy orders
* Offer money...
* Call the police, call AWAP
* Ask them what's the safest thing to do
* Make a safety plan with them the community?
* Make sure your police are enforcing the law
* Make sure the DA's are prosecuting
* Make sure the medical and mental health providers are screening for abuse
* Make sure abuse prevention programs are well-funded
* That homeless shelters and food banks are well funded
* That financial support is available to families in times of transition
* Call and write your legislators
* Vote
* Volunteer
* And again, open your home and your heart.

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