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Surgery Admission Instructions

Stop at Patient Registration in the Surgical Unit

The Patient Registration Clerk will direct you to the Pre-Admission Testing. If your doctor has ordered an EKG, x-ray, or lab work, this will be done at your pre-evaluation. Be sure to bring any medications that you are taking and leave these medications in their original bottle. A nurse will ask you about your medical history.

Before your surgery

  • Stop taking all herbal supplements 10 days prior to surgery.
  • Please do not eat or drink anything after midnight prior to your surgery. You will be advised of any exceptions.

The day of your surgery

  • Take any medications your doctor or nurse has instructed you to take with a sip of water on the morning of your surgery. You will be advised of any exceptions.
  • Please do not chew gum or candy, as this creates stomach acid.
  • Leave all jewelry, piercings, and contact lenses at home. You may wear glasses, dentures, and hearing aids.
  • Children should bring their favorite toy to the hospital.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Take a bath or shower before coming to the hospital. Remove all excessive facial makeup. Depending on your surgery type, you may be asked to use a special skin cleanser that the hospital will provide.
  • Arthroscopy and foot surgery patients should bring crutches to the hospital. Wear sweat pants or loose clothing.
  • Please make arrangements to bring money or insurance cards with you so that you can pick up any medications at your pharmacy on the way home.
  • You will need to have someone drive you home and should plan on having someone with you the evening of your surgery.


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