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Hospitalist Program

Franklin Memorial's Hospitalist Service began in 2001. Since then, the program has grown to include a highly-skilled team of four physicians and one physician assistant. The team provides 24-hour, seven days-a-week care.

Hospitalists are specially trained physicians and physician assistants who care for patients during a hospital stay. Their patients include those who are admitted without a physician, those whose physician lives in an outlying area, or patients whose physician has an office-based practice only. Hospitalists take care of patients from admission through discharge. Following discharge patients are returned to the care of their primary care physician.

“The main advantage to having hospitalists is that we are dedicated to the care of hospitalized patients and are more accessible,” explained Lead Hospitalist Dr. David Hyde. “We have no office hours. We can see patients immediately upon admission and can visit patients throughout the day, rather than after office hours, like many primary care physicians.”

Physicians who are hospitalists work a seven-day shift to provide continuity of care to patients who typically are in the hospital from two to five days.

Hospitalists partner with the patient’s primary care physician to provide care and allow the primary care physician to focus on patients in the office. The hospitalist staff remains in contact with each patient’s primary-care physician, sending daily updates, and asking for information when needed. Some physicians who use the program may still visit their patients and get involved with their care if sensitive issues arise.

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