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Emergency Department

An unexpected trip to an emergency department can be less stressful if you understand how one operates and what to expect.

Hospital emergency departments treat patients according to the urgency of their condition, so that those with more serious conditions are treated first. This process is called triage. During the triage screening process, a nurse will assess the severity of a patient’s condition upon arrival based on symptoms, medical history, and vital signs such as temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Franklin Memorial Hospital’s emergency department has nine emergency rooms, including one designated trauma room. Once in the treatment area, physicians and staff evaluate a patient’s situation in detail and begin the appropriate treatment. Blood tests, x-rays, and more complicated tests may be ordered to confirm a diagnosis.

The Emergency Department takes all emergency patients. In some cases, patients with life-threatening conditions may be stabilized and then transferred to the nearest trauma center or the nearest hospital capable of caring for the patient’s condition.

Our emergency department and NorthStar ambulance service also works directly with LifeFlight, the medical helicopter service for the State of Maine.

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