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Nurse Home Visits

Nurse Home VisitsPreparing for and taking care of a new baby is a challenging job. During your pregnancy, our nurses provide visits for all mothers who are planning to give birth at Franklin Memorial Hospital.

First Time Mothers:

Your first three visits will be at the Hospital, before you give birth. You will meet one of the home visiting nurses, who will introduce you to the program, give you a tour of the Family Birthing Unit, talk with you about your body's and your baby's changes in pregnancy, answer questions, and listen to your concerns.

At your second and third visit, you and your nurse will continue to discuss your pregnancy and how your baby is growing. You will learn about nutrition and exercise, a birthing plan, and possible complications. We will explain what to expect in the hospital and demonstrate baby care, including bathing, and discuss breast and bottle feeding.

All Mothers:

Post Partum visits will be in your home after delivery, usually within 1-3 days of your going home. Your nurse will check you and your baby, support you with breastfeeding, discuss birth control, and review self and infant care and any other concerns you may have.

For more information about Nurse Home Visits contact Franklin Memorial Hospital at (207)779 - 2340.


Maine Families Franklin

A free voluntary program of classes, playgroups, newsletters and/or home visits. A family support visitor will partner with you on this exciting and challenging new journey as a family, throughout the first five years of your baby's life.

* Practical tips on taking care of baby and yourself
* Learn more about your baby's healthy development, from birth to five years old
* Enjoy the up-to-date information from the nationally acclaimed parents as teachers curriculum
* Learn how nurturing your baby stimulates baby's brain development
* Have fun with your baby with games and activities to enjoy together
* Put you in touch with community resources for you and your family: child care, housing, job training, medical/dental care, baby furnishings
* Share with others the joys and challenges of parenting
* Join a play group with your baby -- meet other parents and develop your skills for observing your baby's growth and development
* Get linked to a medical home for your family to help you all stay healthy

For more information about Family Support Visitors contact Franklin County Children's Task Force at (207)778-6960

111 Franklin Health Commons, Farmington, ME 04938 - (207)-778-6031