The mission of Franklin Memorial Hospital is to provide high-quality, cost-effective, patient-centered health care to our west central Maine community. To achieve this mission we implement a rigorous Quality Management Process. Our process is two-fold: quality assurance and performance improvement.

Quality assurance is a monitoring activity performed by knowledgeable people who review patient data on a regular basis. Quality assurance activities include identifying, measuring, analyzing, tracking, and reporting key indicators related to safety, health outcomes, and the quality of patient care.

Performance improvement is the process that takes place when quality assurance monitoring indicates a need. Performance improvement activities include defining the problem, charting processes, evaluating systems, and making improvements.

Quality Management involves all hospital departments and services, and focuses on improved health outcomes and the prevention and reduction of medical errors. All of our quality assurance and performance improvement activities are based upon the following principles: Safety; Effectiveness; Patient-centered care; Timeliness; Efficiency; and Equity.

Below are links to valuable sources of Quality Information about Franklin Memorial and other hospitals in Maine.

The Joint Commission Quality Check

This site is a comprehensive guide that compares health care organization performance in a number of key areas. You can find information on Franklin Memorial Hospital by entering our hospital name, town and state, or by zip code. Quality reports are available in up to five treatment areas: heart attack, heart failure, community acquired pneumonia, pregnancy and related conditions, and surgical care improvement for infection prevention. This performance data is updated quarterly.

Hospital Compare - United States Department of Health and Human Services

This site provides you with information on how well the hospitals in your area care for adult patients with certain medical conditions. This information is based on how often hospitals provide the specific care or treatment methods that are recommended for patients being treated for a heart attack, heart failure or pneumonia, or patients having surgery. You can find information about Franklin Memorial Hospital and other hospitals by entering the hospital name, city, county, state, or zip code.

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